Monday, 14 June 2010

Airports in South Africa coping well with the World Cup

Airports around South Africa are coping well with the increased passenger traffic for the World Cup. The Airports Company South Africa says Cape Town International which usually hosts about 110 flights a day is now up to about 150.

Johannesburg's OR Tambo International Airport's Immigration desk is processing just over 3600 people per hour.

Other airports around the country have expereinced the rush of the World Cup fans following their teams around the country. Some airports are operating throughout the night.

At Belle Regalo we received a rush of calls of Friday with people deseperate for last minute soccer gear and supoorter's gear. Luckily there will be matches for some weeks to come. But is is always best to plan ahead.

Wednesday, 09 June 2010

Mandela hoped to make an appearance

Former President Nelson Mandela said yesterday the World Cup is an important symbol of unity ariund the world. "It symbolises around the World the power of football to bring people together from all over the world regardless of language ,the colour of one's skin, political or religious persuasion," he said in a statement. Mandela's family has said that the world's statesman who turns 92 next month, is increasingly frail and rarely appears in public. However he could make a brief appearance at tommorrow's World Cup 2010 opening match between South Africa and Mexico and soccer city.
In preparation for World Cup mania people are still enquiring about Vuvuzelas; Goggolos, Supporter scarves, soccer shirts and other soccer supporter gear.

Vuvuzelas to be silent during Anthems

The govrenment urged soccer fans not to blow vuvuzelas while the anthems are being played in stadiums during the world cup 2010. The government calls on South African to stand to attention with thier hand splaced on thier sides while singing the national anthem. This guideline is applied indefinately but the appeal is now being made to ensure that the world cup stadium audiences show the neccesarry respect for the South African Anthem and those of participating countries.

Friday, 04 June 2010

More Fake World Cup goods confiscated

Western Cape authorities confiscated bogis World Cup bogus 2010 World Cup goods to the value of R 70 million in the last two weeks with the Western Cape border control unit saying it would intensify its campaign of fake goods.

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