Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Service with a smile

More than 280 metered taxi drivers have been trained in Cape Town. Transport Department spokesman Aniela Gella on Wednesday said the training would ensure an improved public transport service during the 2010 World Cup and beyond. The programme was customised for the drivers to become 2010 tour guides. The four-month training module which also comprised practical skills needed to ensure the safety and comfort of tourists, was approved by the tourism, hospitality and sport education and training authority.
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Friday, 12 December 2008

Summit to promote post-2010 benefits

The upcoming Tourism Investor Summit aims to capitalise on the 2010 World Cup by attracting major sporting event bids between over the next decade. Africa Investor which is hosting the event on 27 February says the World Cup will pave the way for Africa to host major events that will promote international tourism investment. The summit will also focus on leveraging 2010 legacy projects for shareholder returns. ‘We welcome the approach SA is taking to ensure the 2010 World Cup benefits the rest of the continent and we are happy to support that goal. We expect a commercially and logistically successful 2010 and believe tourism and economic development will pass to other African,’ said Hubert Danso, Vice Chairman of Africa investor.

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