Friday, 04 September 2009

Rules when using FIFA approved 2010 gifts

  1. There are specific rules when using FIFA approved 2010 gifts. Please make sure that you are aware of the rules to prevent legal action being taken against your firm.
  2. When purchasing corporate gifts with the FIFA 2010 logo on them, you will need to sign an agreement that states the following:
    The Products will only be distributed directly to customers, stockholders, employees or suppliers as an expression of appreciation or achievement.
  3. Under no circumstances will the Products be sold or exchanged for any goods or services including being provided as a promise or an on-going business relationship.
  4. Under no circumstances will the Product be marketed or promoted so as to suggest that they are meant for sale to the public.
  5. The Product will not be exported without the knowledge and approval of the Product Supplier.
  6. The Products will not be provided or bundled with other gifts or products, or branded with any marks or logos in a way as to create an association that the giver or the Product Supplier, or is associated with, FIFA or any FIFA sponsor, affiliate, competition or partner.
  7. The Company will not to make any written or oral statement or do anything, including displaying the Products or likeness of the Product in public, including by electronic means, in a way that could reasonably be interpreted that the Company is affiliated or associated with the Product Supplier or FIFA.